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Manufacturers of Precision-Made Spiral Hose & Tubing

Advanced Technology Products has developed the latest technology in tubing, hose and pneumatic accessories including pneumatic hose, pneumatic tubing, spiral hose. Our name says it all! We offer advanced technology and are the industry leader in ergonomically correct designs with added safety features to support assembly and automation applications worldwide.

Straight Pneumatic Tubing

Polyurethane Straight Tubing

Polyurethane Straight Tubing - Fractional

Polyurethane Straight Tubing - Metric

Polyurethane UV Tubing

Polyurethane UV Tubing

Polyethylene Straight Tubing

Imbibe™ NSF 61® LLDPE
Polyethylene Fractional & Metric
Value-Tube™ LLDPE Polyethylene Fractional
Polyethylene Metric

Nylon Straight

Nylon Fractional
Nylon Metric

PTFE Straight Tubing

PTFE Straight Tubing

FEP Straight Tubing

FEP Straight Tubing

PVC Straight Tubing

Vinyl-Flex™ PVC NSF 61® Tubing

Weld Spatter

 Armor-Weld™ Fractional & Metric

MonoShield® Fractional & Metric

Spiral Recoil Pneumatic Hose

Bonded Tubing & Spiral Hose

Polyurethane Spirals

Techniblue™ Spiral

Technithane™ Spiral

Polyurethane Strong Spirals

Strong™ Spiral

Strong Plus™ Spiral

Braided Spiral

Armorthane™ Spiral

Nylon Spiral

Nylon Spiral 

Bonded Straight Tubing

Standard Straight Technibond®

Bonded Spiral

Standard Spiral Technibond®

Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatics Push-to-connect fittings

Technifit™ Resin, Brass & Stainless Steel Fittings

Water Push-to-connect fittings

FluidFit™ Fittings

Free Angle®

Free Angle® Fittings

Brass Fittings

Brass Fittings

Pneumatic Couplers

TST Safety Swing Couplers

TST Swing Couplers

Prevost Push-Button Safety Couplers

Prevost Non-Safety Couplers
Prevost Safety Couplers

ATP Non-Safety Couplers & Plugs

ATP Non-Safety Plugs
ATP Non-Safety Couplers

Safety-Slide™ Full Flow Air Coupling

ATP Safety Couplers and Plugs
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Other Products

Oetiker Clamps

Two Ear Clamps
Stepless Ear Clamps 

Blow Guns

Blow Guns

Tool Balancers

Heavy Duty Hose Balancers
Light Duty Hose Balancers
1.1 - 3.3 lbs. capacity
3.3 - 6.6 lbs. capacity
6.6 - 11.0 lbs. capacity



ATP manufactures and sells the highest quality pneumatic hose, pneumatic tubing, and spiral hose in the U.S.A.  We provide quality pneumatic fittings, pneumatic couplers, as well as a variety of accessories to meet your company's needs.

Exciting News

ATP is pleased to announce a new addition to our equipment and capabilities list.  Our first precision, high speed tubing/hose cutter has arrived. Read more

ATP has also released a new Free Angle® model. Please check it out on the Free Angle® Fitting page.

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For additional product information, a quote on products, or shipping information,
please contact us or call 937-349-4055.

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