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  Straight Polyurethane Tubing - Fractional - Surethane®
1/8 inch O.D. Polyurethane Tubing 100 ft
1/8 inch O.D. Polyurethane Tubing 100 ft
SURETHANE® Polyurethane pressure tube suitable for compressed air and selected fluids and chemicals with higher working pressures while still retaining softness & flexibility. This product is a significant leap forward in tubing technology. The increased pressure rating has been achieved through advances in material technology. ATP Surethane® polyurethane tubing (PUR) Shore A 98 is made from the highest quality raw materials available. It is ether-based to provide excellent hydrolysis, oil and cold resistance. Surethane® is strong and flexible and offers superior kink resistance compared to other tubing. It is 5 to 10 times more wear resistant and lighter in weight than any rubber hose. ATP Surethane® straight tubing has an outside diameter made to extremely tight tolerances. It is ideal for use with push-to-connect fittings, as well as barb-type and compression fittings for simple installation.

1/8" OD x .062 ID, 100 FT available colors shown below.

Item No. Description Amount Qty.
PU18ABK 100' Black $14.76  
PU18AC 100' Clear $14.76  
PU18ACB 100' Clear Blue $14.76  
PU18AG 100' Green $14.76  
PU18AGY 100' Clear gray $14.76  
PU18ALB 100' Light Blue $14.76  
PU18ANB 100' Navy Blue $14.76  
PU18AOR 100' Orange $14.76  
PU18AR 100' Red $14.76  
PU18AW 100' White $14.76  
PU18AY 100' Yellow $14.76  

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