Product Focus Friday: Technithane™

Jun 8, 2018 | News

Product Focus Friday: Technithane™

ATP’s line of Technithane™ Spiral Hose is constructed of 98A Surethane® Polyurethane Tubing manufactured at our facility in Milford Center, OH. Technithane™ Spirals are available in both fractional and metric sizes, and in 12 colors. Technithane™ Spirals are equipped with reusable nickel-plated fittings with bend restrictors available in both NPT and BSPT (R).

Selecting the Correct Length:

Technithane™ Spirals are sold in “total length”, which is an industry standard of measurement but can complicate selection. It’s best to think of “total length” as a spiral hose being stretched completely straight. The important measurement when selecting a Technithane™ Spiral is “working length.” ATP assigns an 80% ratio; in other words the working length is 80% of total length. These measurements are also published in our catalogs and on our website.

As an example, a spiral sold as “10 feet” has 10 feet of material but should only stretch to its working length of 8ft. This ratio ensures a long service life by minimizing stress on fittings and any pneumatic couplings installed onto the spiral.

Properly selecting a spiral hose is as simple as measuring the maximum length inside of a work space, and selecting the appropriate working length.

Is it in Stock?

ATP has implemented a new stocking policy. Users are able view both stocked assemblies and available material in our recent catalogs (rev 2/18 & rev 5/18).  Stocked assemblies are listed in diameter x length x color, and are the specific configurations on our shelves that are ready to ship. ATP’s Material availability charts provide information on un-spiraled tubing that can be readily turned into spiral hose assemblies. If the desired color and size combination is not listed as being “stocked”, consult with an ATP representative for more information.

For more information, please visit this link.