New for 2021, NyloThane Advanced Dual Layer Tubing

Mar 4, 2021 | News

New for 2021, ATP has introduced NyloThane™ Advanced Dual Layer Tubing.

NyloThane™ Advanced Dual Layer Tubing is intended for users who require the chemical resistance of nylon, but with the flexibility of Polyurethane. This tubing is composed of two layers: an inner layer of nylon 12, and an outer layer of 95A polyurethane. The layers are bonded together during the extrusion process which eliminated any special treatment or steps during installation. NyloThane™ is UV-Stabilized to maintain integrity during prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light (Sunlight).

NyloThane™ Tubing allows users to transfer fluids and gasses that require nylon’s chemical resistance. Its bend radius is just slightly wider than that of a pure polyurethane tube.

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