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ATP now is proud member of NAHAD & STAFDA! (11-Feb-2014)

NAHAD: The mission of NAHAD is to promote a high standard of professionalism and integrity within the hose and accessories industry by providing a medium for communications, education and training, so that quality is maximized and profitability enhanced. Click here to view NAHAD Certificate

STAFDA: Founded in 1976 by 18 industry leaders who sought to create an organization where manufacturers and distributors of construction/industrial products could interface.

Check out the “new to ATP” truck! (16-Jan-2014)

We use it to move products to/from a remote warehouse. We also have used it to deliver large or emergency orders in Ohio. We’ve outgrown our two buildings and currently leasing a 3rd. We’re growing fast and will need a much larger facility soon. If you see the ATP truck out on the road, give George the thumbs up.

Recent Additions To The ATP Product Line (11-April-2011)

ATP is working hard to become a one stop shopping experience from stock for tubing, hose, fittings, couplings and accessory items. Our recent additions include Monoshield® single core weld-spatter tubing, Venus™ FEP tubing, polyurethane tubing (85A durometer), polypropylene tubing, TPR tubing, EVA tubing, tubing bundle jacket, valve mufflers and a full range of pneumatic couplings.

As we continue the aggressive growth of available products and sales, we ask for and appreciate your feedback. Tell us what you want and it will probably show up in the product line.

ATP Acquires NSF 51 and 61 Certification (27-Sept-2010)

ATP’s Surethane™ polyurethane tubing that you have been using for years in air, non-drinking water and many other applications is now NSF® 51 Certified for food and beverage applications.

ATP introduces Imbibe™ NSF® 61 Certified linear low density polyethylene tubing for drinking water applications. We also continue to offer Value-Tube™ polyethylene tubing for more general purpose applications.

ATP has extruded quality flexible tubing for general purpose industrial applications since 1997 in Ohio. Now we are adding products that require third party testing for high quality niche markets. If you have a food, beverage or drinking water application, ATP has you covered. We continue to search for the next new market and product. If you don’t see what you need, please ask if we can manufacture it for you. We look forward to developing the next great new product.

Our Phoenix, From Ashes To Addition (30-Oct-2009)

A devastating fire broke out in the night between April 13 and 14. It started in the northwest corner of the building and took out approximately half of the office space. The manufacturing and warehouse areas were spared the direct fire damage, but the smoke damage was heavy and the electricity was out for a time. ATP and its customers directly suffered for approximately four weeks. Everyone pitched in to clean and worked Saturdays in order to minimize the effect on our customers and sales.

Approximately three months later during the night between July 21 and 22, a second fire broke out and eliminated the other half of the office space. This fire was determined to be arson and the criminal(s) remain at large. The smoke damage to the operation was minimal compared to the 1st fire. A major issue was psychological. The employees and customers were returning to a form of normal after the first fire and the second fire really dampened spirits.

The latest major event that picked up our spirits happened this week. The burnt remnants of the entire office were removed and preparation is underway for the rebuild. The best news for ATP and its customers is the rebuild will add additional approximately 5,000 square feet of warehouse space. We need the space to continue growth efforts. The offices are being constructed in a second company building across the shared parking lot.

The expectations have our business ahead of where we were on April 21, 2009 during the spring of 2010. Additional information will be added to this communication as it becomes available.

ATP thanks its dedicated employees for outstanding effort, determination and perseverance during these trying times and thanks our customers for their patience, understanding and business. Without the business, we could not survive. Thanks all!

As a manufacturing operation, we are at full strength and preparing for additional growth. Bring it on.