Oetiker® Ear Clamps

Feb 1, 2019 | News

Did you know that ATP stocks a large assortment of Oetiker® Ear Clamps?

Ear Clamps are a quick and effective method of securing hose and tubing onto barb fittings. Their installation is executed through the use of an installation tool and an appropriately sized clamp. Once the correct clamp size is selected, installation is repeatable and swift when compared to a worm drive unit.

All Oetiker® Ear Clamps feature a smooth, burr-free finish along with published and easy to determine sizing ranges.

There are five configurations that comprise ATP’s offering.

101 Series: This double ear clamp is composed of steel with a protective zinc-plating. The 101 series contains two ears, allowing for a more “elastic” installation in situations where high heat and/or vibration occur.

151 Series: Similar to the 101 series, these clamps contain two ears for more “elastic” properties. The 151 series is constructed of stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance.

153 Series:  The 153 Series is constructed of stainless steel and offers a simple installation with its single ear.

155 Series: The 155 series is the clamp one would choose for corrosive environments. These clamps are stainless steel and feature a mechanical interlock, which eliminates the standard spot weld seen on other clamps.

167 Series: The 167 Stepless® Series features a special design aimed at providing even, uniform compression force inside the entire circumference of the clamp. The 167 series shines especially in instances where softer materials are being clamped such as PVC and softer Polyurethane.

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