Product Focus Friday: Safety-Touch™ Push-Button Safety Coupling

Safety-Touch™ Push-Button Safety Coupling

ATP’s Safety-Touch™ Push-Button Safety Coupling features a safe method of disconnection utilizing a single hand. By depressing the release button once, pressure is safely vented before removing the plug. The patented design of the Safety-Touch™ eliminates the sudden rush of air observed after disconnecting conventional couplings.

Safety-Touch Flow Rates
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The Safety-Touch™ is constructed of chrome-plated steel wrapped in a blue over-molded cover. Inside the Safety-Touch™ are 6 stainless steel balls (pawls) that securely hold the plug with minimal axial play. Reducing axial play in plug to coupling connections extends the life of internal seals, preventing the commonly observed leaky coupling.

The Safety-Touch™ is available in 1/4” and 3/8” Industrial Interchange as well as 1/4” Japanese industrial sizes.

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Safety-Touch Push-Button Safety Coupling