Product Focus Friday: Surethane 85™ 85A Polyurethane Tubing

Surethane 85™ 85A Durometer Polyurethane Tubing

Surethane 85™ Polyurethane Tubing was introduced by ATP in 2017. This tubing provides enhanced flexibility compared to ATP’s standard 98A Surethane®.

Durometer is a measurement of hardness that is tested by plunging a specifically-sized pin into material, then measuring the force used. Polyurethane tubing often measured on the Shore A scale.

Surethane 85™ tests at 85 Durometer on the Shore A scale and is considerably softer than ATP’s Standard 98A offering. This softer construction provides users a more flexible tubing, but with a lower working pressure. It is important to remember that the softer 85A tubing must also be connected to hose barbs or fittings that utilize a tube support.

Surethane 85™ is ideal for applications that require movement such as automated equipment, or installations inside of enclosures where flexibility is imperative.

Like ATP’s standard Surethane®, Surethane 85™ is also constructed of Ether-Based providing resistance to hydrolysis (water absorption) and oil.

All Surethane® Tubing is Made in the USA at ATP’s Milford Center, OH location.

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