11mm x 16mm Technithane™ PU Spirals

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11mm x 16mm Technithane 1/2" Male BSPT (R) Rigid/Swivel
Black Clear Green Light Blue Light Green Navy Blue Orange Red White Yellow
2.5m TT-16-2.5-BK-RS TT-16-2.5-C-RS TT-16-2.5-G-RS TT-16-2.5-LB-RS TT-16-2.5-LG-RS TT-16-2.5-NB-RS TT-16-2.5-OR-RS TT-16-2.5-R-RS TT-16-2.5-W-RS TT-16-2.5-Y-RS
5m TT-16-5-BK-RS TT-16-5-C-RS TT-16-5-G-RS TT-16-5-LB-RS TT-16-5-LG-RS TT-16-5-NB-RS TT-16-5-OR-RS TT-16-5-R-RS TT-16-5-W-RS TT-16-5-Y-RS
7.5m TT-16-7.5-BK-RS TT-16-7.5-C-RS TT-16-7.5-G-RS TT-16-7.5-LB-RS TT-16-7.5-LG-RS TT-16-7.5-NB-RS TT-16-7.5-OR-RS TT-16-7.5-R-RS TT-16-7.5-W-RS TT-16-7.5-Y-RS
10m TT-16-10-BK-RS TT-16-10-C-RS TT-16-10-G-RS TT-16-10-LB-RS TT-16-10-LG-RS TT-16-10-NB-RS TT-16-10-OR-RS TT-16-10-R-RS TT-16-10-W-RS TT-16-10-Y-RS


11mm x 16mm Technithane™ Polyurethane Spiral

All Technithane™ product lines have been consolidated into a single offering, including Techniblue™ and Auto Spiral.

Technithane™ Spirals are Manufactured from tough polyurethane resin, providing a flexible & lightweight alternative to Nylon Spirals. Technithane™ Spirals’ 98A construction provides excellent memory and retraction strength.

  • Lightweight and Abrasion-Resistant
  • Resists Kinking
  • Reusable Nickel-Plated Fittings with Bend Restrictors
  • Excellent Coil Memory
  • Thread Sealant Supplied on all Fittings
  • Widest Variety of Colors, Sizes, and Threads in ATP’s Offering
  • Available with Threads of Pneumatic QD Fittings
  • Extruded from Ether Based Resin, Resists Moisture
  • Resistant to Harmful UV Rays (Black Only)
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