1/2″ Bonded Polyurethane Tubing


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1/2" Technibond® 98A PU Bonded Tubing

1/2" OD Technibond® Models
2 Bore (Black & Clear) 2 Bore (Light Blue & Clear) 3 Bore 4 Bore
25 ft 2MP-12-A-01 2MP-12-A-02 3MP-12-A 4MP-12-A
50 ft 2MP-12-B-01 2MP-12-B-02 3MP-12-B 4MP-12-B
100 ft 2MP-12-C-01 2MP-12-C-02 3MP-12-C 4MP-12-C
250 ft 2MP-12-D-01 2MP-12-D-02 3MP-12-D 4MP-12-D
500 ft 2MP-12-E-01 2MP-12-E-02 3MP-12-E 4MP-12-E
1000 ft 2MP-12-F-01 2MP-12-F-02

ATP's Technibond® series utilizes NSF 51® Certified Surethane® 98A polyurethane tubing to create multiple-bore bonded tubing.

Tube Size 1/2" x 21/64"
Material Polyurethane
Hardness Shore 98A
Temperature Range -40F to 120F
Working Pressure at 68°F 150 psi
Vacuum Rating 28" HG
Safety Factor 3:1
Tolerance +/- .005"
Media Gasses and Liquids
Compliance RoHS
Certifications NSF 51® (Meets NSF 61®)