13/32″ Strong™ Polyurethane Spiral Hose

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13/32" Strong™ Models 1/2" Male NPT Rigid/Swivel Fittings
Black  Light Green  Navy Blue  Orange Yellow
10 ft ST-1332-10-BK-RS ST-1332-10-LG-RS ST-1332-10-NB-RS ST-1332-10-OR-RS ST-1332-10-Y-RS
15 ft ST-1332-15-BK-RS ST-1332-15-LG-RS ST-1332-15-NB-RS ST-1332-15-OR-RS ST-1332-15-Y-RS
20 ft ST-1332-20-BK-RS ST-1332-20-LG-RS ST-1332-20-NB-RS ST-1332-20-OR-RS ST-1332-20-Y-RS
25 ft ST-1332-25-BK-RS ST-1332-25-LG-RS ST-1332-25-NB-RS ST-1332-25-OR-RS ST-1332-25-Y-RS

13/32″ Strong™ Polyurethane Spiral Hose

Strong™ Spirals are manufactured with a proprietary process that allows reduced spiral diameter and increased retraction strength. Additionally, the reduced spiral diameter prevents any possible tangles with other spirals. Strong™ Spirals are ideal for assembly-line applications where multiple spirals are in one work area.

  • Lightweight and Abrasion-Resistant
  • Excellent Coil Memory and Retraction Strength
  • Virtually Kink-Proof
  • Reusable Nickel-Plated Fittings with Bend-Restrictors
  • Thread Sealant Supplied of all Fittings


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Made in USA