3/8″ x 0.215″ Nylochem® Nylon 12 High Pressure Tubing


3/8" OD x 0.215" ID Nylochem® High Pressure Nylon Tubing

3/8" x 0.215" Nylochem Models
Black Navy Blue Green Gray Natural Orange Red Silver Yellow
100 ft N38x215ABK N38x215ANB N38x215AG N38x215AGY N38x215ANA N38x215AOR N38x215AR N38x215AS N38x215AY
500 ft N38x215CBK N38x215CNB N38x215CG N38x215CGY N38x215CNA N38x215COR N38x215CR N38x215CS 38x215CY


Nylochem® Nylon 12 Tubing is well suited for applications that require increased working pressure and temperatures.

  • Thinner Wall Enables Higher Flow Rates
  • Superior Moisture Absorption Rates
  • Abrasion-Resistant
  • Broad Chemical Resistance
  • Stabilized Against Harmful UV Rays
  • Ideal for Outdoor use, Superior Stress Crack Resistance
Temperature Range -60ºF to 200°F
Vacuum Rating 28" HG
Tolerance +/- .006"
Hardness Shore 70D/Rockwell 78R
Safety Factor 4:1
Material Nylon 12 (Polyamide 12)
Max Working Pressure 883 psi
Media Gases & Liquids
Compliance UL94HB

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