3/16″ OD Surethane® Polyurethane Tubing

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3/16″ Surethane® 98A PU Tubing

3/16"  OD Surethane Models
Black Clear Clear Blue Light Blue Navy Blue Orange Red Yellow
100 ft PU316ABK PU316AC PU316ACB PU316ALB PU316ANB PU316AOR PU316AR PU316AY
250 ft PU316BBK PU316BC PU316BCB PU316BLB PU316BNB PU316BOR PU316BR PU316BY
500 ft PU316CBK PU316CC PU316CCB PU316CLB PU316CNB PU316COR PU316CR PU316CY
1000 ft PU316DBK PU316DC PU316DCB PU316DLB PU316DNB PU316DOR PU316DR PU316DY


Surethane® Polyurethane Tubing is extruded by ATP from ether-based resin, providing excellent resistance to hydrolysis and oil. Surethane’s 98 durometer construction provides abrasion resistance and memory support.

  • Certified for Direct Contact with Food Components and Equipment
  • Superior Kink-Resistance
  • Excellent Flexibility over a Broad Temperature Range
  • Abrasion-Resistant
  • Largest Size and Color Range of all Tubing Sizes
  • Resists Moisture Absorption
  • Resistant to Harmful UV Rays (Black Only)
Surethane 98A Polyurethane Fractional Tube Sizes
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Surethane 98A Polyurethane Tubing Specifications
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