42AB Series Sockets


35 days lead time



  • Dual-flow-path couplings
  • Allows 2 separate fluid lines to run simultaneously, all in one coupling
  • Thumb-latch release for a quick, simple, one-hand disconnection
  • Free rotating couplings
  • Couplings can interconnect with each other and with similar industry twin thumb-latch couplings
42AB Material Medical-Grade ABS
O-Rings Buna-N
Thumb Latch Stainless Steel
External Springs & Pins Stainless Steel
Sterilization Not Available
Fits Tubing 1/16” – 1/8”
Flow Capacity 3/32”
Max Pressure 120 psi
Vacuum Rating 28” HG
Temperature Range -40°F to 180°F