Value-Tube™ and Imbibe™ Product Line Merger

Oct 23, 2018 | News

Value-Tube™ and Imbibe™ Product Lines Have Merged

Beginning in 2018, ATP began the process of merging Value-Tube™ and Imbibe™ product lines into one. The merged product line will remain as Value-Tube™.

This effort was done as a way to simplify ordering and inventory of product. Select sizes of Value-Tube™ are now NSF 61° Certified for use with potable drinking water.

White colored tubing is now available in the Value-Tube™ product line.

When ordering under the Imbibe™ product line, Value-Tube™ branded and part numbered products will be shipped.

Polyethylene Tubing is a economical method of transferring fluid or air in a wide-variety of standard pressure and temperature situations. PE tubing can be used with barbed, push-to-connect, or compression fittings; ensuring suitability in a multitude of applications.

For ordering information, Please visit the following link:

ValueTube™ NSF 61® Polyethylene Tubing