Manufacturers of Precision-Made Tubing & Spiral Recoil Hose

Advanced Technology Products, has developed the latest technology in tubing, hose and pneumatic accessories including pneumatic hose, pneumatic tubing, spiral hose. Our name says it all! We offer advanced technology and are the industry leader in ergonomically correct designs with added safety features to support assembly and automation applications worldwide.
ATP has TWO Stocking Locations
Ohio (HQ, Distribution, Manufacturing)
Phone: 937.349.4055 | Fax: 937.349.4155
Tennessee (Distribution Center)
Phone: 615.898.1966 | Fax: 615.898.1967


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Technifit PTC Kit
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Straight Tubing & Hose
straight polyurethane tubing - Surethane metric & fractionalstraight polyurethane tubing - Surethane metric & fractionalSurethane UVstraight nylon tubing - nylochem fractional and metric tubing
straight polyurethane tubingvinyl pvc tubing - vinyl-flex nsf61 pvc tubingDura-Pure NSF61 PVC hoseStraight PTFE tubing - Mercury PTFE tubesstraight FEP tubing - venus FEP tube
spatter resistant tubingspatter resistant tubingweb thumb nail Armor air hoseStriper reinforced pvc-rubber reinforced hoseSoft reinforced polyethylene braided hose
Technibond Bonded PU Tubing

Technibond custom bonded straight and spiral pneumatic tubing

Technifit PTC Fittings

technifit push-to-connect fittings

Fluidfit PTC Fittings

fluidfit push-to-connect fluid fittings

Fluid Couplers

fluid couplers & plugs

Armorthane reinforced spiral hoseTechnithane spiral recoil hose for automotive and general purposeStrong spiral recoil hosesStrong Plus spiral recoil hose
Nylon spiral hosecustom spiral hose assemblies

ATP Safety Slide full flow air couplingsafety-twist locking universal safety couplingsswivel fit angle pneumatic couplerspremium chrome pneumatic couplersStainless steel pneumatic couplerseconomy steel pneumatic couplers

TST swing couplings & accessoriesPrevost safety couplers and plugs
Replacement Hose Fittings

replacement hose fittings

Brass Fittings

brass fittings

Free-Elbow Fittings


Free-Angle Fittings

Free Angle Fitting

Aluminum Manifolds

aluminum manifolds


brass fittings

Clamps & Tools

hose clamps and hose clamp tools

Hose Cutters

hose cutter and tubing cutter

Hose Reels & Balancers
Technireel premium hose reelsretractable hose balancerretractable tool balancer
Compressed Air Blowguns

compressed air blow guns

Japanese Trade Items

Japan Trade Items