Fittings are used to create connections in pneumatic and fluid power applications. Advanced Technology Products carries several lines of fittings that allow users to join to tubing, hose, or other threaded connections.

The Technifit™ Series of push-to-connect fittings encompasses resin, nickel-plated brass, and stainless steel models.

The Armor-Weld™ Series of push-to-connect fittings is suited for use in and around welding operations. A protective sleeve reduces the ingress of welding slag that may hinder fitting operation.

The Fluidfit™ Series is specifically constructed for use with fluid applications. Fluidfit™ Push-to-Connect fittings are NSF 61® Certified for use with potable water applications.

Free-Angle™ and Free-Elbow™ fittings provide users with an ergonomic solution when connecting air tools