Spiral Recoil Hose

Spiral Recoil Hose enables users a long length of hose in a compact and storable package. ATP’s recoil hoses are coiled and baked at our facility in Milford Center, OH.

Armorthane™ Spirals are constructed of reinforced polyurethane and provide a higher working pressure when compared to non-reinforced models

Technithane™ Spirals are constructed of 98A polyurethane and offer the widest range of colors and sizes in ATP’s spiral offering

Strong™ Spirals are constructed of the same 98A polyurethane that Technithane™ models are, but feature a tighter coil diameter. This provides higher retraction force and prevents tangling when installed next to multiple spirals in a production setting.

Strong Plus™ Spirals add onto the features of Strong™ spirals, but add a soft 65A polyurethane hose. Strong Plus™ Spirals are ideal for situations where assembly and repairs occur such as automotive assembly lines, aerospace, and other manufacturing settings.

Nylon Spirals are constructed of Nylon 12 tubing and feature a higher working pressure and increased abrasion-resistance.