TechniDOT D.O.T. Products

TechniDOT™ D.O.T. Nylon tubing is manufactured specifically for use in heavy vehicle pneumatic braking systems. Available in both Type A and Type B, TechniDOT™ tubing offers excellent resistance to abrasion, gasoline, diesel fuel, and commonly used road salts.

Type A tubing is a single wall extrusion less than 5/16″ OD in size, and only used for accessories such as gauges.

Type B tubing is a reinforced extrusion typically over 5/16″ OD in size and used to supply air within the braking system.

Tubing Specifications
Material Nylon 12
Max Working Pressure Size Dependent
Temperature Range -49F to 221F
Safety Factor 4:1
Compliance SAE J844


TechniDOT™ D.O.T. Fittings are constructed of brass and available in push-to-connect, compression, and rubber hose applications.

  • Every TechniDOT™ Fitting is Quality Tested and Stamped with a Green Circle
  • Pre-Applied Teflon® Sealant on Male Threads
  • Full-Flow Design

Push-to-Connect Fittings connect to tubing by simply inserting the appropriately-sized tubing.

Compression Fittings connect to tubing  and seals by use of a sacrificial ferrule. The ferrule and nut are slid over the top of the tubing before insertion into the fitting. Upon tightening, the ferrule deforms and seals against both the fitting's body and the tube's outside.

Rubber Hose Fittings are specifically designed for use with DOT air brake rubber hose. Connections with rubber hose fittings are made in a fashion similar to compression fittings, but without the sacrificial ferrule.

Fitting Specifications
Construction Brass
Seals NBR Rubber
Max Working Pressure 260 psi
Temperature Range -40F to 212F

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