5/16″ or 8mm OD Nylochem® Nylon Tubing


5/16" or 8mm OD Nylochem® Nylon Tubing

5/16" or 8mm Nylochem Models - Stocked
Black Navy Blue Green Natural Red Yellow
100 ft N08M/516ABK N08M/516ANB N08M/516AG N08M/516ANA N08M/516AR N08M/516AY
500 ft N08M/516CBK N08M/516CNB N08M/516CG N08M/516CNA N08M/516CR N08M/516CY
1000 ft N08M/516DBK N08M/516DNB N08M/516DG N08M/516DNA N08M/516DR N08M/516DY
100 m N08M/516FBK N08M/516FNB N08M/516FG N08M/516FNA N08M/516FR N08M/516FY


Nylochem® Nylon 12 Tubing is well suited for applications that require increased working pressure and temperatures.

  • Thinner Wall Enables Higher Flow Rates
  • Superior Moisture Absorption Rates
  • Abrasion-Resistant
  • Broad Chemical Resistance
  • Stabilized Against Harmful UV Rays
  • Ideal for Outdoor use, Superior Stress Crack Resistance
Temperature Range -60ºF to 200°F
Vacuum Rating 28" HG
Tolerance +/- .006"
Hardness Shore 70D/Rockwell 78R
Safety Factor 4:1
Material Nylon 12 (Polyamide 12)
Max Working Pressure 250 psi
Media Gases & Liquids
Compliance UL94HB

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