5/32″ or 4mm Value-Tube Polyethylene Tubing

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5/32″ or 4mm OD Value-Tube™ LLDPE Polyethylene Tubing

5/32" or 4mm Value-Tube LLDPE Models
Black Navy Blue Green Natural Orange Red Yellow
100 ft PE04M/532ABK PE04M/532ANB PE04M/532AG PE04M/532ANA PE04M/532AOR PE04M/532AR PE04M/532AY
250 ft PE04M/532BBK PE04M/532BNB PE04M/532BG PE04M/532BNA PE04M/532BOR PE04M/532BR PE04M/532BY
500 ft PE04M/532CBK PE04M/532CNB PE04M/532CG PE04M/532CNA PE04M/532COR PE04M/532CR PE04M/532CY
1000 ft PE04M/532DBK PE04M/532DNB PE04M/532DG PE04M/532DNA PE04M/532DOR PE04M/532DR PE04M/532DY


Value-Tube™ Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Tubing is extruded from 100% non-toxic, FDA compliant ingredients. Value-Tube’s FDA compliance makes it ideal for food and beverage applications not requiring NSF certification.

  • Chemically Inert
  • Impermeable to Both Gas or Liquids
  • Excellent Dielectric Properties
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