Chrome-Plated Industrial Interchange Manual Coupler 1/4 Inch Body Size





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Chrome-Plated Premium Series Manual Industrial Coupler, 1/4” Body Size

ATP's Chrome-Plated Premium Series  of Pneumatic Quick Disconnects are precision machined, chrome-plated steel. The premium series offers a superior quality pneumatic fitting designed to provide users with a leak-free, long-service unit. Additionally, the steel construction provides long-term service by not being easily damaged like brass or aluminum.

Pneumatic quick-disconnect fittings are a widely-used component within industrial, construction, and automotive environments. They offer users the ability to connect and disconnect air compressors, compressed air lines, and tools.

The Premium Series Features:

  • Chrome-Plating Resists Corrosion, Easily Cleaned of Paint or Grease
  • Steel Construction Maintains Integrity, not Easily Damaged like Brass
  • Precision Machining Ensures Long Lasting, Leak Free Connection
Body Material Chrome-Plated Steel
Max Working Pressure 150 psi
Temperature Range 32F to 150F
Media Compressed Air