DOTA04CY (1/4″ x 500′, DOT Type A Tubing, Yellow)



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D.O.T. Nylon tubing is manufactured specifically for use in heavy vehicle pneumatic braking systems. Available in both Type A and Type B, TechniDOT™ tubing offers excellent resistance to abrasion, gasoline, diesel fuel, and commonly used road salts.

Type A tubing is a single wall extrusion less than 5/16" OD in size, and only used for accessories such as gauges.

Type B tubing is a reinforced extrusion typically over 5/16" OD in size and used to supply air within the braking system.

ATP's TechniDOT™ tubing is SAE J844 Compliant.

Material Nylon 12
Max Working Pressure 300 psi
Temperature Range -49F to 221F
Safety Factor 4:1

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Weight 5.2 lbs