5/32″ or 4mm Armor-Weld™ PU Jacketed Weld Spatter Tubing


This Size Has Been Discontinued

5/32" or 4mm Armor-Weld™ PU Jacketed Weld Spatter Tubing

5/32" or 4mm Armor-Weld™ Models
Black Green Light Blue Red Yellow White
100m LE04M/532FBK LE04M/532FG LE04M/532FLB LE04M/532FR LE04M/532FY LE04M/532FW
Bonded 100m 2LE04M/532FBK 2LE04M/532FG 2LE04M/532FLB 2LE04M/532FR 2LE04M/532FY 2LE04M/532FW

Armor-Weld™ Spatter Resistant Tubing is specifically designed for use near welding operations. The protective olefin flame-resistant jacket provides protection against direct exposure to weld sparks.

  • Armored Jacket Protects Tubing in Welding Environments
  • Superior Kink-Resistance
  • High Abrasion-Resistant
  • UV-Resistant
  • Oil-Resistant
  • Flame-Retardant Cover
  • Resists Hydrolysis
  • Ozone-Resistant
  • Connections are Made by Stripping Jacket and Exposing Tubing Core
Temperature Range -68ºF to 140°F
Vacuum Rating 28" HG
Tolerance +/- .005"
Hardness Shore 98A
Safety Factor 3:1
Material PU (Polyurethane)
Max Working Pressure 200psi
Media Gases & Liquids
Compliance UL94VO & UL Yellow Card