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ATP support community at local fair

With ATP’s current expansion, we were asked to support the county manufacturing community at the local fair. It included having an advanced manufacturing “Fab Lab” mobile trailer on site. Here are pictures of children attending a “manufacturing camp” at the local YMCA walking through the demonstration trailer and standing at the booth in the merchants building. We’re happy to help support our local community and develop the next generation of the manufacturing workforce.

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ATP’s scholarship award at local High School.

ATP’s Community Care Committee Chair Larry is presenting Advanced Technology Product scholarship to local high school senior at Fairbank High school in Milford center OHIO. The $1, 000 scholarship recipient for this year is Jordan Emans. Jordan won this scholarship for her excellence of academic, extra curricular activities, outstanding leadership and community services. We truly congratulating her and wish her the best at The Ohio State University for the next step of her life!

IMG_8540 IMG_8551 IMG_8672  IMG_8655

Three Additional Product Lines (Aug-2014)

ATP has added three additional product lines that broaden our clamp, coupler/plug and straight hose products lines. Screw clamps have been added to the Oetiker® ear clamps. Plastic couplings & plugs for air and liquid have been added to the coupler & plug tab. Dura-Pure™ Clear NSF61 PVC Hose has been added to the straight hose tab. ATP is determined to continue work to be a “category killer” in the product lines we offer.

ATP now is proud member of NAHAD & STAFDA! (11-Feb-2014)

NAHAD: The mission of NAHAD is to promote a high standard of professionalism and integrity within the hose and accessories industry by providing a medium for communications, education and training, so that quality is maximized and profitability enhanced. Click here to view NAHAD Certificate

STAFDA: Founded in 1976 by 18 industry leaders who sought to create an organization where manufacturers and distributors of construction/industrial products could interface.

Check out the “new to ATP” truck! (16-Jan-2014)

We use it to move products to/from a remote warehouse. We also have used it to deliver large or emergency orders in Ohio. We’ve outgrown our two buildings and currently leasing a 3rd. We’re growing fast and will need a much larger facility soon. If you see the ATP truck out on the road, give George the thumbs up.