Fluidfit: Not Just for Drinking Water!

Aug 20, 2020 | News

In addition to being NSF 61® Certified for use with potable water, Fluidfit fittings can be used to plumb pressurized fluid transfer applications.
ATP’s line of Fluidfit Push-to-Connect fittings are made of POM/Acetal plastic and feature a rubber O-ring. These fittings will provide installers with a long service life in fluid transfer settings with compatible media.
Fluidfit™ fittings are available in fractional and metric tube sizes, NPT and BSP threads, and multiple configurations.
ATP provides technical drawings along with 3D files for Fluidfit™ (and Technifit™) series to ensure OEM and system designers can easily integrate these fittings.
We’ll even make your bin-stock labels!
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