Product Focus Friday: Custom Tubing Capabilities

Aug 17, 2018 | News

ATP’s Custom Tubing Capabilities

Do you have a special application?

ATP can manufacture custom tubing and spiral assemblies for your needs.

Pictured below is a triple bonded tube assembly, used in the car wash industry to apply three different colors of foam. Traditionally, installers would apply cable ties to three separate tubes. A custom assembly such as this will not only make for a clean, snag-free install, but it also adds value in decreased installation times.


ATP has the following customizing capabilities:

  • Multiple Tube Bonding
  • Custom Diameter Tubing
  • Custom Cut Lengths
  • Custom-Sized Spirals
  • Custom Fitting Assembly

The first thought after mentioning anything custom is “expensive”, but that may not be true. By adding a custom configuration to a manufactured assembly, labor time can be reduced.

Here’s an example: A manufacturer requires a section of tubing be cut to a specific length before being installed. This process requires personnel in a factory to process tubing from bulk rolls into the desired lengths before installing. ATP is able to provide a finished, ready to install item that does not require any extra processing by the OEM user. There are no extra processes or stock to maintain.

To request a custom quotation, contact ATP or follow the link below: