Product Focus Friday: Dura-Pure® Reinforced PVC Hose

Aug 31, 2018 | News

Dura-Pure® Reinforced NSF-61® PVC Hose

Dura-Pure® Reinforced PVC Hose is an NSF-61® certified hose that works well in higher-pressure potable water applications.

Dura-Pure® Hose is constructed of an inner layer of PVC, polyester yarn braiding, and an outer protective layer. Depending upon the size, Dura-Pure® Reinforced PVC Hose will have a working pressure ranging from 75psi to 250psi. Available in sizes ranging from 3/16” to 2” ID and lengths of 50’ to 300’, Dura-Pure® has proven itself to be a versatile product.

To attain an NSF-61® certification, manufacturers must submit samples of product for stringent testing. This certification informs consumers and installers that the product is safe for use in potable drinking water applications.

Applications for Dura-Pure® span from traditional potable water systems to beer dispensing, drain hose installations, and even composites manufacturing.

Installation of Dura-Pure® Hose is accomplished with the use of barb fittings and clamps.

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Dura-Pure Reinforced PVC Hose