Product Focus Friday: Safety-Slide™ Full-Flow Safety Couplings

Aug 3, 2018 | News

Safety-Slide™ Full-Flow Safety Couplings

The Safety-Slide™ increases workplace safety and air tool performance in a compact and lightweight package.

The patented locking mechanism of the Safety-Slide™ eliminates the valve observed in traditional coupling designs. The elimination of this valve provides downstream air tools with unrestricted compressed air supply.

Connecting and disconnecting the Safety-Slide™ is accomplished under zero pressure by pivoting the plug within the coupling. The Safety-Slide’s design eliminates the loud rush of air experienced when disconnecting air tools or sections of hose, minimizing hose whip and hearing damage.

All Safety-Slide™ Couplings are chrome-plated for easy clean-up in automotive or paint settings, and are available in multiple sizes.

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