Safety-Slide Industrial Interchange Coupler – 3/8 Inch Body Size





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Coupler, Safety-Slide, Full Flow, 3/8" Body Size
The Safety-Slide™ features a compact, lightweight design that reduces user fatigue when compared to a traditional coupler design. The Safety Slide™ eliminates the valve and spring often seen in traditional couplers, providing unrestricted flow and maximum tool performance. Connecting the Safety-Slide™ is accomplished under zero pressure by inserting the plug, and pivoting. All Safety-Slide™ Couplers are Chrome-Plated for easy clean-up in automotive or paint settings, and available in multiple sizes.

  • Full Flow Design Eliminates Traditional Valves
  • Safety Lock Connection Prevents Disconnection
  • Chrome-Plating Resists Corrosion, Easily Cleaned of Paint or Grease
  • Steel Construction Maintains Integrity, not Easily Damaged like Brass

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Safety-Slide Catalog (click to open)

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Dimensions 1.73 × .83 × .83 in