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Product Focus Friday: Chrome-Plated Premium Quick Disconnects

Chrome-Plated Premium Quick-Disconnect Couplings

When it comes to ATP’s pneumatic quick-disconnect couplings, there certainly isn’t a shortage of options. ATP offers 3 different body sizes, multiple interchanges, and several configurations of couplings and plugs.

The Chrome-Plated Premium Series is a quality line of pneumatic quick-disconnect fittings intended for high performance applications. The Premium Series has several design features included that sets it apart from competing offerings.

These features include:

  • Immaculate Chrome-Plating that Resists Corrosion and Allows Effortless Cleaning
  • Rugged Steel Construction Maintains Integrity, is not Easily Damaged like Brass or Aluminum
  • Precision Machining Ensures a Leak-Free Connection, Reducing Play in Connections
  • All Couplings Contain 6 Balls (Pawls) to Ensure a Stable Connection with Plugs

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Product Focus Friday: Dura-Pure® Reinforced PVC Hose

Dura-Pure® Reinforced NSF-61® PVC Hose

Dura-Pure® Reinforced PVC Hose is an NSF-61® certified hose that works well in higher-pressure potable water applications.

Dura-Pure® Hose is constructed of an inner layer of PVC, polyester yarn braiding, and an outer protective layer. Depending upon the size, Dura-Pure® Reinforced PVC Hose will have a working pressure ranging from 75psi to 250psi. Available in sizes ranging from 3/16” to 2” ID and lengths of 50’ to 300’, Dura-Pure® has proven itself to be a versatile product.

To attain an NSF-61® certification, manufacturers must submit samples of product for stringent testing. This certification informs consumers and installers that the product is safe for use in potable drinking water applications.

Applications for Dura-Pure® span from traditional potable water systems to beer dispensing, drain hose installations, and even composites manufacturing.

Installation of Dura-Pure® Hose is accomplished with the use of barb fittings and clamps.

For More Information, Visit the Following Link:

Dura-Pure Reinforced PVC Hose

Congressman Jim Jordan Visits ATP

On Thursday, Congressman Jim Jordan visited ATP’s warehouse in Champaign County, OH.

During Congressman Jordan’s tour, ATP discussed the economy and the status of running a business in Ohio.

A special thanks to Congressman Jim Jordan and his staff.

Product Focus Friday: Custom Tubing Capabilities

ATP’s Custom Tubing Capabilities

Do you have a special application?

ATP can manufacture custom tubing and spiral assemblies for your needs.

Pictured below is a triple bonded tube assembly, used in the car wash industry to apply three different colors of foam. Traditionally, installers would apply cable ties to three separate tubes. A custom assembly such as this will not only make for a clean, snag-free install, but it also adds value in decreased installation times.


ATP has the following customizing capabilities:

  • Multiple Tube Bonding
  • Custom Diameter Tubing
  • Custom Cut Lengths
  • Custom-Sized Spirals
  • Custom Fitting Assembly

The first thought after mentioning anything custom is “expensive”, but that may not be true. By adding a custom configuration to a manufactured assembly, labor time can be reduced.

Here’s an example: A manufacturer requires a section of tubing be cut to a specific length before being installed. This process requires personnel in a factory to process tubing from bulk rolls into the desired lengths before installing. ATP is able to provide a finished, ready to install item that does not require any extra processing by the OEM user. There are no extra processes or stock to maintain.

To request a custom quotation, contact ATP or follow the link below:

Product Focus Friday: Safety-Slide™ Full-Flow Safety Couplings

Safety-Slide™ Full-Flow Safety Couplings

The Safety-Slide™ increases workplace safety and air tool performance in a compact and lightweight package.

The patented locking mechanism of the Safety-Slide™ eliminates the valve observed in traditional coupling designs. The elimination of this valve provides downstream air tools with unrestricted compressed air supply.

Connecting and disconnecting the Safety-Slide™ is accomplished under zero pressure by pivoting the plug within the coupling. The Safety-Slide’s design eliminates the loud rush of air experienced when disconnecting air tools or sections of hose, minimizing hose whip and hearing damage.

All Safety-Slide™ Couplings are chrome-plated for easy clean-up in automotive or paint settings, and are available in multiple sizes.

For more information, please visit the following link:

Product Focus Friday: Safety-Touch™ Push-Button Safety Coupling

Safety-Touch™ Push-Button Safety Coupling

ATP’s Safety-Touch™ Push-Button Safety Coupling features a safe method of disconnection utilizing a single hand. By depressing the release button once, pressure is safely vented before removing the plug. The patented design of the Safety-Touch™ eliminates the sudden rush of air observed after disconnecting conventional couplings.

Safety-Touch Flow Rates
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The Safety-Touch™ is constructed of chrome-plated steel wrapped in a blue over-molded cover. Inside the Safety-Touch™ are 6 stainless steel balls (pawls) that securely hold the plug with minimal axial play. Reducing axial play in plug to coupling connections extends the life of internal seals, preventing the commonly observed leaky coupling.

The Safety-Touch™ is available in 1/4” and 3/8” Industrial Interchange as well as 1/4” Japanese industrial sizes.

For more information, please visit:

Safety-Touch Push-Button Safety Coupling

Product Focus Friday: Vinyl-Flex™ NSF 61® Clear PVC Hose

Vinyl-Flex™ NSF 61® Clear PVC Hose

ATP’s very popular Vinyl-Flex™ is ideal for fluid transfer in low pressure applications. Vinyl-Flex™ is constructed of polyvinylchloride a.k.a. PVC providing a very flexible and lightweight hose.

The NSF 61® certified PVC Hose is certified for direct contact with potable water, and is seen in applications such as drink dispensing, water systems, and use in craft brewing applications. Although these applications were the original intent, Vinyl-Flex™ can be utilized for certain drain hose formats, and even chafing guards on rope or chain.

Vinyl-Flex™ is recommended for use only with hose barb-style fittings because of its Shore 73A durometer.

Vinyl-Flex™ is available in sizes ranging from 1/8” ID to 2” ID, and with working pressures ranging from 30 psi to 60 psi (size dependent).

Vinyl-Flex Specifications
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For more information, Please visit the link below:

Vinyl-Flex Product Info

10 Years with CDC Pneumatics

A Decade with CDC Pneumatics

A special thanks to our partner, CDC Pneumatics, for their recognition of a successful decade working with ATP.

CDC is the manufacturer of ATP’s Resin-Body Technifit™ and Fluidfit Push-to-Connect fittings. ATP is the Exclusive North American Distributor, with a large inventory to meet your immediate needs!

For more information on the Resin Technifit™ and Fluidfit line of PTC fittings, visit the links below:

Technifit™ Push-to-Connect Fittings

Fluidfit Push-to-Connect Fittings

Product Focus Friday: Surethane 85™ 85A Polyurethane Tubing

Surethane 85™ 85A Durometer Polyurethane Tubing

Surethane 85™ Polyurethane Tubing was introduced by ATP in 2017. This tubing provides enhanced flexibility compared to ATP’s standard 98A Surethane®.

Durometer is a measurement of hardness that is tested by plunging a specifically-sized pin into material, then measuring the force used. Polyurethane tubing often measured on the Shore A scale.

Surethane 85™ tests at 85 Durometer on the Shore A scale and is considerably softer than ATP’s Standard 98A offering. This softer construction provides users a more flexible tubing, but with a lower working pressure. It is important to remember that the softer 85A tubing must also be connected to hose barbs or fittings that utilize a tube support.

Surethane 85™ is ideal for applications that require movement such as automated equipment, or installations inside of enclosures where flexibility is imperative.

Like ATP’s standard Surethane®, Surethane 85™ is also constructed of Ether-Based providing resistance to hydrolysis (water absorption) and oil.

All Surethane® Tubing is Made in the USA at ATP’s Milford Center, OH location.

For more information, please visit the following link: