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Product Focus Friday: Technifit™ Resin Series

Technifit™ Resin Series Push-to-Connect Fittings

ATP’s Technifit™ Line of push-to-connect fittings features three series’ which includes; Resin, Nickel-Plated Brass, and Stainless Steel.

Push-to-Connect fittings are designed to connect by simply inserting tubing into its port.  This method is a more convenient alternative to a hose barbs and clamps or compression fittings.

The Resin Series fittings all have an acetyl plastic release ring, but the bodies can be constructed of either PBT resin or nickel-plated brass.

The Resin series is compatible with compressed air or inert gasses and provides a working pressure of 150 psi.

With a total of 96 configurations, the Resin Series provides the broadest selection in the ATP Lineup.

For More Information, Please visit the following Link:

Technifit Resin Series

Product Focus Friday: Striper™

Striper™ Reinforced Hybrid PVC Air Hose

Striper™ Reinforced Hybrid PVC Air Hose is constructed of a lightweight, flexible blend of PVC and rubber providing a kink-resistant hose that lays flat.

Striper™ is constructed of 3 layers; an inner layer, a reinforcement layer, and a jacket. This combination yields 300psi working pressure, and a temperature range of -40°F to 180°F. The outer jacket is both clear and smooth, providing users with the ability to both inspect the hose for damage and clean any dirt or grease. Other PVC Blend/Hybrid PVC offerings are equipped with a matte finish jacket, which will collect contaminants. This feature is important when working with finished surfaces or inside of a clean space, preventing surface damage and dirt transfer.

Striper™ assemblies are equipped with field-repairable fittings, allowing users to cut out damaged sections of hose or easily create custom lengths from bulk hose. The fittings are nickel-plated brass, providing a stronger, tarnish-free alternative to aluminum and raw brass. The spiralized bend-restrictors protect hose kinks at the fitting, unlike other offerings which only provide a hard plastic sleeve.

Beginning in 2018, Striper™ assemblies can be ordered from ATP with 4 styles of Quick Disconnect Couplings. (Contact ATP for details)

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For more information, please visit the following link:

Striper Hose

Product Focus Friday: Technithane™

Product Focus Friday: Technithane™

ATP’s line of Technithane™ Spiral Hose is constructed of 98A Surethane® Polyurethane Tubing manufactured at our facility in Milford Center, OH. Technithane™ Spirals are available in both fractional and metric sizes, and in 12 colors. Technithane™ Spirals are equipped with reusable nickel-plated fittings with bend restrictors available in both NPT and BSPT (R).

Selecting the Correct Length:

Technithane™ Spirals are sold in “total length”, which is an industry standard of measurement but can complicate selection. It’s best to think of “total length” as a spiral hose being stretched completely straight. The important measurement when selecting a Technithane™ Spiral is “working length.” ATP assigns an 80% ratio; in other words the working length is 80% of total length. These measurements are also published in our catalogs and on our website.

As an example, a spiral sold as “10 feet” has 10 feet of material but should only stretch to its working length of 8ft. This ratio ensures a long service life by minimizing stress on fittings and any pneumatic couplings installed onto the spiral.

Properly selecting a spiral hose is as simple as measuring the maximum length inside of a work space, and selecting the appropriate working length.

Is it in Stock?

ATP has implemented a new stocking policy. Users are able view both stocked assemblies and available material in our recent catalogs (rev 2/18 & rev 5/18).  Stocked assemblies are listed in diameter x length x color, and are the specific configurations on our shelves that are ready to ship. ATP’s Material availability charts provide information on un-spiraled tubing that can be readily turned into spiral hose assemblies. If the desired color and size combination is not listed as being “stocked”, consult with an ATP representative for more information.

For more information, please visit the following link:

Career Opportunities At ATP

Available Positions:

Production Operator

Location: Milford Center, Ohio


Advanced Technology Products is seeking Production Operators for the manufacture or packaging of plastic tubing, hose, and fittings. The ideal candidate will be detail oriented and able to perform tasks as directed.

A complete description is available at the PDF Link Below:

Production Operator

Extrusion Operator

Location: Milford Center, Ohio


Advanced Technology Products is seeking experienced Extrusion Operators for the manufacture of plastic tubing. The ideal candidate will be mechanically inclined, and have the ability to perform routine equipment operations and adjustments.  Knowledge of Co-Extrusion and Multi-Layer Extrusion is especially welcomed.

A complete description is available at the PDF Link Below:

Plastic Extrusion Operator


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ATP support community at local fair

With ATP’s current expansion, we were asked to support the county manufacturing community at the local fair. It included having an advanced manufacturing “Fab Lab” mobile trailer on site. Here are pictures of children attending a “manufacturing camp” at the local YMCA walking through the demonstration trailer and standing at the booth in the merchants building. We’re happy to help support our local community and develop the next generation of the manufacturing workforce.

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ATP’s scholarship award at local High School.

ATP’s Community Care Committee Chair Larry is presenting Advanced Technology Product scholarship to local high school senior at Fairbank High school in Milford center OHIO. The $1, 000 scholarship recipient for this year is Jordan Emans. Jordan won this scholarship for her excellence of academic, extra curricular activities, outstanding leadership and community services. We truly congratulating her and wish her the best at The Ohio State University for the next step of her life!

IMG_8540 IMG_8551 IMG_8672  IMG_8655

Three Additional Product Lines (Aug-2014)

ATP has added three additional product lines that broaden our clamp, coupler/plug and straight hose products lines. Screw clamps have been added to the Oetiker® ear clamps. Plastic couplings & plugs for air and liquid have been added to the coupler & plug tab. Dura-Pure™ Clear NSF61 PVC Hose has been added to the straight hose tab. ATP is determined to continue work to be a “category killer” in the product lines we offer.