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Nylochem® Nylon 12 Tubing

Nylochem® Nylon Tubing offers an increased working pressure and wider temperature range compared to other materials such as polyurethane and polyethylene.

Extruded from Nylon 12 (PA12) resin, Nylochem® offers an increased resistance to cracking, abrasion, and moisture absorbsion.

Nylochem® is resistant to a large range of chemicals that include oils and solvents, making it ideal for installation in industrial settings.

Installation should include compression or push-to-connect fittings such as ATP’s Technifit™ series.

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Weld-Spatter Tubing

Tubing Protected from Welding Spatter

Weld spatter-resistant tubing from ATP is installed near welding operations where other tubing is typically damaged. Available in single-core or jacketed configurations, this tubing can be placed in areas subject to direct contact with sparks.

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spatter resistant tubing

spatter resistant tubing

Happy Thanksgiving

In observance of Thanksgiving, ATP will be closed November 22 and 23. Regular operations will resume on Monday, November 26.
Happy Thanksgiving to our customers and employees in the United States.

Champaign County Design Challenge

ATP attended the inaugural Champaign County Design Challenge. Students from different schools were teamed up with engineers and tasked with building contraptions within a series of parameters.

George Walker participated in the judging of the student’s entries, while Holly Johnson displayed and promoted ATP their products.

Congratulations to Triad High School winners.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to participate.



New Product Announcement: Technifit Push-to-Connect MRO Kits

New Product: Technifit™ Push-to-Connect Fitting Kits

ATP’s new push-to-connect kits provide a neat solution for users who conduct repairs or equipment installations in industrial environments. Stocked within each PTC Kit is a large assortment of commonly used Technifit™ Resin Series Push-to-Connect Fittings.

The kits are available in 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ sizes(metric sizes coming soon), and are designed to nest together for easy stacking.

Expect these kits will be listed on our website and price list by Mid-November.

A Complete List of Items is listed in the PDF Link Below:

PTC Kit Listing

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(1/4″ PTC List, Click to Open)
(3/8″ PTC List, Click to Open)
(1/2″ PTC List, Click to Open)

To Order, Follow the Link Below:

Technifit Push-to-Connect Kits

Product Focus Friday: Safety-Twist™ Locking Universal Safety Couplings


ATP’s Safety-Twist™ is a locking universal interchange safety coupling intended for use in industrial and construction settings.

The Safety-Twist™ connects automatically by simply inserting any 1/4” TruFlate, Industrial, or ARO interchange plug.

Disconnection is where the Safety-Twist™ sets itself apart from other couplings. Once the user is ready to remove the plug, simply twist and pull back on the release ring. This action both vents downstream air and releases the plug.

The design of the Safety-Twist™ prevents unintended disconnection and eliminates the loud rush of air associated with other coupling designs.

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Safety-Twist™ Locking Universal Safety Couplings


Kicking off STAFDA 2018!

ATP is displaying at STAFDA 2018 in Phoenix, AZ.

We’re displaying our new push-to-connect kits (more on that later this week).

Visit us at Booth 1846.

Product Focus Friday: Armor-Weld™ Jacketed Weld Spatter Tubing

Armor-Weld™ Jacketed Weld Spatter Tubing

Expanding upon last week’s Monoshield™ post, this week we’ll discuss Armor-Weld™.

Armor-Weld™ is jacketed polyurethane weld spatter-resistant tubing. Weld-Spatter tubing is intended to be installed in environments where damage from direct contact with welding sparks or abrasion can occur.

Armor-Weld™ tubing features a thick Olefin jacket along with a black 98A durometer tubing core. Installation differs from other tubing in that you must strip the away the protective jacket. Armor-Weld™ tubing is compatible with hose barb, push-to-connect, and compression fittings.

For more information, please visit:

Armor-Weld™ Jacketed Weld Spatter Tubing